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Hoot & Holler Farm

Brand Identity | Logo | Product Mock Up
Summer Trepen, Owner of Hoot & Holler Farm,  began a local farmstand specializing in homegrown and handmade goods. Summer wanted to go beyond just selling fruits or vegetables. She currently sells jams and jellies, loaves of sourdough bread, flower bouquets, and other creative homemade goods. 

Previously, painting was a creative outlet for her.  The harvest takes her creative abilities from outside to the kitchen, where she can share the beauty and bounty of the homegrown garden with her customers.

Summer wanted her brand to be loud, lively, and fun. She wanted a representation of the lifestyle she lives raising a family on a farm. So we went bold! We used bright colors and fun shapes. 

The logo concept was designed and inspired by the fun-loving, bright, and lively energy of the family. These energies live through their farm and the products they creatively craft for their customers. The watering can represent the care and nurturing attention that Summer gives to her harvest and creations.
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